Guillaume Deffuant

Irstea − Lisc
9 avenue Blaise Pascal − CS 20085
63178 Aubière − France
+33 4 73 44 06 14


Social simulation, empathy, machine learning, viability and resilience algorithms.

My research interests are in modelling complex systems (social or ecological dynamics) and assessing their properties such as their viability or resilience. I recently developed new algorithms for approximating viability kernels. I did my PhD in cognitive sciences (EHESS – Paris VI University) and I got my Habilitation from Clermont University (topic: modelling complex systems).
Administrative status: DR1.

Associate researcher in Laboratoire de Psychologie Sociale et Cognitive (LAPSCO)

Recent projects:

From June 2010 to June 2014, I have been co-director of the French network for complex systems (Réseau National des Systèmes Complexes).

coverpatresbook.jpgThe book I edited with Nigel Gilbert from the Patres project: Viability and Resilience of Complex Systems: more info.

Google Scholar : https://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=xwYTdNwAAAAJ&hl=fr&oi=ao