Nicolas Dumoulin

Irstea − Lisc
9 avenue Blaise Pascal − CS 20085
63178 Aubière − France
+33 4 73 44 07 29

Computer scientistNumerical exploration, GIS, software design


I’m part of the LISC since 2006, as a computer scientist engineer.

One of my motivations is to produce reproductible results and to guarantee their quality.

I’m involved in:

  • individual-based model design, development and deployement. We’re designing a large variety of individual-based models, and I participate actively in their development for ensuring their conception and quality. We’re coding with the Java language, and I recommand to use a set of tools for a better team work:
    • a version control system (like subversion or git)
    • maven: a build automation tool that ensures to build identically (and easily) the software on any computer
    • a framework for unit testing (like junit)
  • design of experiment for exploring complex models, including sensivity analysis and calibration. I’m part of the french network Mexico
  • high performance computing. Our numerical models requires a lot of simulations, that are naturally independents, so we can easily take advantage of distributed computation architecture. I’m part of the project OpenMOLE